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The role of a man has always been not only to protect a woman, to guide her through life, but above all to make her happy and materially secure. Each person has a different idea of their security or standard of living, which they need or are comfortable with. We are convinced that a relationship between two people can only be successful if it is balanced, that is, both people put into the relationship as much as they get from each other. We are an internet dating service for finding a mutually balanced relationship.

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For women who know what they want

Are you a beautiful, intelligent and ambitious girl looking for her sponsor who knows what she expects from a relationship and at the same time can be a support and joy to her partner?

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He is a serious and assured gentleman who longs to have a beautiful girl by his side, to support her in her desires, to be her support and mentor, while also looking for distraction in an otherwise mundane life.

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Relationship by your rules

Among traders, partners sign contracts to define their terms and expectations. Similarly, interpersonal relationships can only work if they are balanced, you agree on your expectations and what you can give each other. Most relationships soon disintegrate because one party takes too much, but does not put enough in the relationship. Relationships could be much easier if the rules were set up openly and right from the start. Forget the pretense and lie. Our users know exactly what they want and are totally honest with each other. Be honest with you and save your time in finding the right partner.

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